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Recent Comments

Enjoyed seeing the pics of rock work construction - I have seen something similar in the past with the pipe drilled and attached to return water feed for keeping rock work free of detritus. Looks like you will have a great reef when it matures. Do keep posting pics best wishes.
Bonito Video

Recent Entries

Tank is thriving!
Did first water change
Found hitchhiker looks like a nem. Water change, clean sump
Changed HQI Bulbs to BLV Nepturion 14K
Changed 400g Rowaphos
Added 7ml Nualgi
One of the Tetras didn't make it, looked like he was beat up before I got him home. Taking him back for a replacement tomorrow.
Moved new Monti down 12". Seems to be bleaching like previous Monti did in same location except intensity is much higher now.
Fiddled with the live rock today. Added 40lbs of big pieces of rock from Oranda and took out about 10lbs of smaller pieces I had. I think there's about 65 lbs of LR in there now. It stirred up the water quite a bit so I'm gonna wait to do a test til tomorrow. Not sure I could take another high n
Picked up a Bristlenose Pleco (1 1/2") and 7 Neon Tetras (all 1") to get the tank occupied. They are floating at the moment, waiting to swim free in what will be a huge playground for them. Finally on the right path with the tank. The plants all look great that were added yesterday. The water is ver
Ecobak plus 250ml
RHF doses his IO salt with 70 ppm ca, 150 ppm magnesium

My IO mag is 1160
Ca. Is 360

Recent Questions

  • Hi Marinereef, your tank looks great, i have a question for you,i noticed that you have swapped out the stock skimmer for a Deltec, has it been worth it, the stock skimmer on my RSM250 is driving me nuts and i am seroiusly thinking about doing this mod could you give me any advice thanks in advance Big Pete
    bigpete asked marinereef 4 days ago
  • Been watching your post here and at reef central for a long time. Love your tank. I have a question on the Grey rack that you have your poly tanks on for water storage, did you reinforce the wood or change the wood that came with the shelves? did you paint them to protect them? Thanks.
    cr2jones asked d2mini 6 days ago
  • What T5 Bulb Combo are you using on this tank? What light cycle do you run? How high off the water is your light fixture?
    urbaneks asked pmrg 2 weeks ago
  • Wanted to get an update on this tank. How is it doing now, how do you like the lighting? How is your coral coloration.
    dtum asked eternalaquarium 2 weeks ago
  • Where do all these awesome backdrops come from? I can never find anything this good. Just stupid spongebob decor from petco...
    seajay87 asked jeffmell 3 weeks ago