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Recent Comments

I really love the proportions of your tank. The 3 sided peninsula is a striking look.
Beautiful corals. My rock went through that phase too. No worries it will pass. Some blue leg crabs and turbo snails do a good job cleaning rocks if you have some.
Muchas Gracias.
Thanks. It had a little algae in the overflow but nothing major. Was mostly indirect light.
Great job with the spot placement. Can view from all sides. Any problems with algae with it being so close to windows?
Bonitos Zoos!!
Es mi una de mis acros preferidas

Recent Entries

Royal gramma doing okay, a bit more lively. Star fish and snails also okay.

Did 9% water changed and cleaned sponge filter out and adjusted and cleaned th top unit computer.

All params very good, ammonia back to zero from 0.1ppm a few days back.
It's been a long time since my quarantine tank was used, I guess I need to get it set up for some new residents. Still trying to decide what to get to replace the clowns.
Increased Ca doser 10 seconds, to 3:05. Want to keep Ca at 440.
Found the food i fed the Anemone yesterday. It might of been to big. the next time i feed him ill make it half the size and see if he takes it.
La Dollabella la ha pillado una bomba.
Hemos perdido 25 Litros de Agua. Aprovechamos para realizar un cambio.
So.. i turned the skimmers off bc i am using meds for ick. well i also run a cold air intake outside for the protein skimmers. my apex started going off bc the water was low in the sump. well the tank was draining outside through that line.. I will be putting a check valve in today.. lesson learned
Water change: GFO change: Added: 1 gornapora coral, 1 yellowish mushroom, 1 two heads frog spawn, 1 small colony zoa.
Starting to use Kick-Ich today, the clowns look bad and i need to do something about it asap. I turned off protein skimmers and reactors. going to be 8oz day 1, 4, 7, 10 and 13. Hope this stuff works.
I believe some of the test frags are suffering from a light shock though I do not have a par meter. I will attempt to put locate a par meter. I have 10k bulbs that I must admit I am not a big fan of as they seem to have quite a bit of yellow tint to them. I am thinking on replacment to move to a 1

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