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Recent Entries

60g Rowa phos Added
Changed LED's to 50%
Setup tank and added a large table shrimp to start cycle
Calcium dropped. Changed to 57.2ml of calcium to offset the consumption rate.

Alkalinity is up at 8.3dKH.
Cambio cartucho sedimentos y carbon osmosis
I've been removing the tiny white star fish for the last few days....probably got about 50 so far. I think they are eating the Coraline Algae and bugging the Zoas...we will see.
4 cabbage leathers
5 green sinularias
Tank looks great. Less red/ brown algae on gravel.
Current Issues:

- Heater Calibration
- Refugium Health
- Air Bubbles
- Protein Skimmer Adjustment
Refugium seems to be looking better. I was having an issue with some of the initial ball of Chaeto dying off. After some research I decided to add a tiny power head (Hydor Koralia Nano 240) to the fuge to add some circulation. It seems like the default circulation provided by the sump is a bit lo

Recent Questions

  • Bonjour J'aimerais connaitre vos setUp j'ai la même aquarium et ça va moyen pas trop bien disons Merci
    trigger57 asked soldier3475 2 days ago
  • Hi, going through your profile I seem to not find and nitrate or phosphate control reactors. Besides the kalk reactors, do you not use anything like biopellets, Zeovit, GFO etc.?
    mzm007 asked dtum 1 month ago
  • Are you running with an alk of 2.26 or is this just a spike ? Because I try to keep mine between 9 and 10 dKh, however my corals doesn't look as nice as yours...
    jayarcher asked bigisland 2 months ago
  • How do you add a routine.?
    donni asked lekp 3 months ago
  • Hvordan tilføjede du en routine?
    donni asked rcone23 3 months ago