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Recent Comments

Gracias, ciertamente esta cogiendo un color muy majo
Muchas Gracias Amigo
Beautiful. What kind of lighting did you use for this pic?
Que pasada de combinación de colores, que envidia me das compi!!!
Son de fishstreet. Tengo un módulo de 3 que son de 1500ml cada uno y ahora he adquirido uno de 5l, así tendré el de 5l para el KH, y los otros 3 para Ca, Mg y NOPOX. Actualmente estoy con reef foundation + reef colors de red sea, pero voy a probar el blue-balling.
Muy buena pinta esos contenedores para las dosificadoras. De donde los has sacado????
Muy Bonito tanque

Recent Entries

Increased GFO to 3/4 cup from 2/3. Increased frequency from 4 weeks to 3.
4-17-2015 green sps orange polyps
4-18-2015 cornbred fuego
4-19-2015 rr olympus, rr manny pacquiao, rr wonderland, rr destroyer
4-22-2015 dynamite, blue fungia, acanthophyllia, orange/green fungia, mini red carpet
4-23-2015 bleeding apple scoly
4-26-2015 borbonius, yasha ha
So, I got home from a friend's house last night and was alarmed to hear the loud sound of splashing water.

Apparently, my Chemipure bag was blocking the return from my refugium and it was overflowing - thus dumping 2.5 gallons of water on the floor.

I've been running Chemip
Today I added blue pipefish in. Had a weird dorsal fin type rot.
Got 3 lawn mower blennies at Big als in QT and Praziproed at night
Deboucher le tube de l'overflow box qui etait jammee nous avons mis de l'eau chaude dans la pompe ainsi que le coude du vacuum qui etait bouche de sel

Ajout des roches de calcium dans la decante
New co2 tank and 840 and 20 lb readings on dial. Last was at 900 plus.....
Fish population 4/26/15:
2 clarkii clowns
Yellow clown goby
Bangaii Cardinal
Oscellaris clown
Marion clown
Neon dottyback
Removed areas of gravel with green slime algae. Also trimmed away dead leaves.
Squeezed out the grossness from my filter floss. I think I have a lot of detritus worms in my substrate so I'll be more conservative with feeding. Keeping fingers crossed that they're not planaria ????!

All inhabitants look happy otherwise!

Pulled out most of the M. terenum cau

Recent Questions

  • Are you running with an alk of 2.26 or is this just a spike ? Because I try to keep mine between 9 and 10 dKh, however my corals doesn't look as nice as yours...
    jayarcher asked bigisland 6 days ago
  • How do you add a routine.?
    donni asked lekp 3 weeks ago
  • Hvordan tilføjede du en routine?
    donni asked rcone23 3 weeks ago
  • ...See your new level of membership? ...Get the shrimp?
    imott asked ziggy560 2 months ago
  • Not sure how to send messages on this thing. My phone died on me on monday night, hopefully will get a new one/fix by tonight.
    ziggy560 asked imott 2 months ago