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Recent Comments

Can you share? :-)
Yes it is a spreadsheet, but I've just copied the values manually from the Triton Lab test results online.
Is this a spreadsheet you developed? Using Triton myself and this looks interesting!
Amazing picture. This is what it's all about.
Very nice colors - looks fantastic

Recent Entries

Nutrients ....
I really don't know where my nutrients are coming from!!! Corals don't look too bad.

Still trying to figure this one out ....
1. Turned down reactor follow to the recommended flow rate yesterday
2. More byproducts from detritus or dying bryopsis from el
Ordered auto top off for clowntank
Need to restock cleanup crew... Looking at Liveaquaria.com custom pack since my LFS went out of business. ??
Just got a skimmer body- need to buy the pump- looking online
Exploring auto dosing products- looking at Jaebo dp-4
Added two chromis
Switched Reef Fusion #2 dosing from pump #2 to pump #3. Waiting for replacement pump from Jebao.
Started feeding frozen food this week. Slicing slivers off of the cubes. Squid not a fave.
SPS corals are growing like a weed chalice coral is also growing very well
Green Hair Algae Break out today well its been a couple days since i noticed it. I turned the lights down a little bit. Im not feeding the fish but every other day and its almost nothing. I know i should of let this old rock sit for a while the detritus in this rock is just making keeping the tank c

Recent Questions

  • Cmo va la euphyllia? Y la hystrix?
    ventino asked guillermo 6 days ago
  • Hi! How often are you testing for Iron??
    kaprice99 asked reefman_qc 1 week ago
  • I started watching your videos on youtube long before you showed up here ;) entertaining! Lol! Do you still have the moorish idol??
    kaprice99 asked shardy 1 week ago
  • Very nice aquarium you have. Just need a bit of guidance in terms of my nitrate and whitespot problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    chunky151 asked tankcla 1 week ago
  • Yes i am it seems to have gone at moment but running salinity between 1.021 and 1.022. Just installed a refugium sump have you any ideas for that. ie live rock aswell as coelurpa, live sand with coelurpa, would welcome any suggestios
    chunky151 asked kaprice99 2 weeks ago