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Recent Comments

Indeed, very nice, good job!
So estuve viéndolas, pero hasta que no estabilice los atos poco más quiero meter.
Roberto tiene mas... eso si, "muy baratas"
I got it from a local on a forum, haven't seen another piece up. Mines a little to little to frag for awhile.
Thank you Robert! I like Gyre a lot, it is a different type of flow and it does lack controllability, but it does move a lot of water and have a very unnoticeable presence in my tank.
Anyway to get a frag of this????

Recent Entries

Added a Blue Tang
Changed GFO
Built acrylic top for screen
4 ounces of shrimp is just about digested in 32 days.
Changed 4 plants with four more.
Fed blood worms, Plecoptera chips
Need to install something to hide cords. More glass 12"
Need to put skimmers and MPs on same outlet strip.
El potencial redox no sube añadimos poly ox
Introducimos 2 rocas vivas curadas.

Recent Questions

  • Hello fesso, Tank looks great. I've been following your build on R/C. Aquascape is beautiful. If you don't mind, have you completely replaced the MP-40's with the gyre and how is it working for you?
    luca1998 asked fesso 8 hours ago
  • Weird question.... I have a very similar set up and noticed that your skimmer tote is actually inside you sump tub. What is it sitting on to keep it elevated?
    sandy7263 asked d2mini 1 week ago
  • Hello dtum, I've followed the progress of your Pragmatic Reef since the beginning and have been inspired in many ways by your build. Thank you. If you don't mind, after viewing your last video, I noticed that you replaced the Vortechs with the new Gyre pump by Maxspect. How do you compare them to the Vortechs and in what mode do you run them. Thank you, Luca1998 (John)
    luca1998 asked dtum 1 week ago
  • Is the last schedule titled "testing lower light" the one you are currently using?
    fesso asked damo 3 weeks ago
  • Awesome tank! What kind of lighting do you have?
    travis010 asked oscarrrr 4 weeks ago