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Recent Comments

Good to see color coming along nicely.
Tiene usted un tanque impresionante.!!!
Nice layout! This should fill in nicely with corals
Appreciate that. It's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle, but it all fit in as planned, thank goodness. Of course I wish it were bigger, but then don't we all. Major annoyance is because it's relatively deep being 30" front-to-back, it's a bit of a reach to replace GFO and Carbon -- otherwise, so far, so good.
Thank you gusdiaz I am lucky as it is not a fussy eater this is my second copper band and the previous just did not settle so went back to the fish store. Best wishes,
Very nice sump set-up.
Very nice and organized sump set-up!!!!!
A have some and thay have not created any problem.

Recent Entries

Changed 500g Rowaphos
Added 8L Sodium Bicarbonate
Added 10 drops Nyos Pure Iodine

Added 8 drops Aquaforest Amino Acids
Added 8 drops Nyos Coral Nectar
Added 8 drops Polylab Polyp Booster
The crown fish are starting to host the elegant coral for about a week. It seems to irretate the coral a bit at start, but now the coral seems to get used to hosting the crown fish now.
Changed GFO
Cleaner shrimp molted
Caught tetras and roselines
Vinegar bath for skimmer and reactor pumps. Biopellet reactor reinstalled with all-in-one biopellets. Sump cleaned.
Neon green leather and blue Xenia added today from canadian corals. New Hannah tester as well
Bought a refractometer as the pinpoint salinity monitor was not working correctly.
Cambio carga al reactor. Ajusto a 6.60 y ver evolucion
Changed CO2 Absorbent

Recent Questions

  • I am using a Vertex SR250 1200mm fixture and wondering if you dont mind sharing your vertex light settings / graphs? I am trying to tune mine better for mixed reef and acropora
    zipzap asked eternalaquarium 16 hours ago
  • I have a SR260 1200mm Vertex Unit I would appreciate if you could share your light settings so I can get mine tuned better for mixed reef with acro and softies
    zipzap asked aqualifegt 16 hours ago
  • hey
    Do you live in Milton Ont Canada ????
    drew3164 asked milto29 3 days ago
  • How do you like the longnose butterfly white your coral ? Thx
    reefman_qc asked woganaga 2 weeks ago
  • Hi Ventino i have noticed that you have a Yellow tang and a Blue Hippo tang, how do these guys get along? i was always told that two tangs in an RSM was asking for trouble, i also want to know if they have ever developed Ich as Tangs are notorious for Ich. cheers big Pete
    bigpete asked ventino 1 month ago