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Recent Comments

Cheers ;) Big challenge to get them to feed, my pods population won't last forever! Btw you have a stunning tank!
Thanks, just getting it up a running, starting to look good, ill post some pics soon,
Thanks! I changed it to full zeovit system, and after almost two months, I can see different colors in the corals.
Love your tank bros, keep it up !
Thx for comment
Nice video bros ! Nice tank !

Recent Entries

Fed reef frenzy
Changed carbon
Need to refill B-Ionic next visit.
Tank looks great, removed all mushrooms on left side of tank.
Did all the weekly tests this morning... I don't want to get too excited, but perhaps Phosphate is finally beginning to start a downward trend... Silica tested at zero,and Phosphorous is down for 3rd time in a row in last 12 days... Replaced PhosGuard just the same. ALK remains problematic, wher
Going to hard plumb tank today and add new return pump and hook up JBJ 1/5 chiller to help with temp fluctuation.
tested Dandenong coral tank water
8.3,4.0 meq/l,435,35.5ppt salt
Estamos de vacaciones, el control del acuario lo llevaremos a distancia.
Cleaned protein skimmer

Recent Questions

  • Is that pumping xenia attached to the back glass??? Did that require glue? Looks pretty cool. CP.
    padfieldc asked blade828 1 hour ago
  • Can you please share with us your T5 bulb combo? Thank you.
    dtum asked sebasdiscus 3 days ago
  • I noticed you're using an AquaClear 70 for a fuge. Do you have any pictures of how that looks on the aquarium. I've considered getting one but have been worried about it being too bulky.
    mbulat asked teenyreef 6 days ago
  • Your photos are amazing. What equipment do you use when photographing? Any tips on how you get such great shots?
    mbulat asked urbaneks 1 week ago
  • I noticed you're using ESV Salt. I'm considering switching from RC. Can you share any experiences with it? How stable is it in Ca, Mg, Alk?
    mbulat asked hind 2 weeks ago