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Recent Comments

Thanks, just getting it up a running, starting to look good, ill post some pics soon,
Thanks! I changed it to full zeovit system, and after almost two months, I can see different colors in the corals.
Love your tank bros, keep it up !
Thx for comment
Nice video bros ! Nice tank !
Nice AquaReef, good luck with it :)
Thanks! I'm hoping to try and do some macro shots at some point. I need to scrounge up a tripod though.

Love all the fish in your tanks, btw. Wish I had the room for some. Maybe the next tank. :)
What a great looking fish, clearly thriving and very very healthy. I had to recently part with my yellow tang as it developed an allergy to red and green seaweed - it would eat it like crazy but then come out in blotches I was able to treat the problem with medication but it still came back and always after I had given it that type of food. Best wishes.

Recent Entries

Razor 300 watt led light replace mh 22/07/14
I made another adjustment to the Xport-PO4 this morning. Phosphates had stabilized at 0.04-0.05 ppm for more the past week using 12 cubes. I added 6 more cubes and will test for the next week to see if it brings the phosphates down to my 0.02 ppm target.
KH is low despite using a fair bit of kalk. Lowered top range to 6.50 and at 150 ml a minute let's see what happens
Dosed 9 ML of AlgaeFix Marine
קייסרון מת
FED PELLETS. 2 giant turbo gone. Topped off.
Ca and KH were high than expected. Lowering the 2 part.
Large bucket of Rea Sea pro salt
Bought RO unit
7/11/14 - Mysis Shrimp
7/12/14 - Pellet food
7/13/14 - Mysis Shrimp & DT's Reef Phytoplankton
7/15/14 - Mysis Shrimp & Pellet Food
7/18/14 - Mysis Shrimp & DT's Reef Phytoplankton

Recent Questions

  • I noticed you're using an AquaClear 70 for a fuge. Do you have any pictures of how that looks on the aquarium. I've considered getting one but have been worried about it being too bulky.
    mbulat asked teenyreef 1 day ago
  • Your photos are amazing. What equipment do you use when photographing? Any tips on how you get such great shots?
    mbulat asked urbaneks 2 days ago
  • I noticed you're using ESV Salt. I'm considering switching from RC. Can you share any experiences with it? How stable is it in Ca, Mg, Alk?
    mbulat asked hind 1 week ago
  • Nice tank and great pics! I have the same lighting setup, and struggle to get pictures where the blue isn't totally saturated. Any tips for taking better shots under these LED lights? I have an Olympus OM-D E-M5 when I'm not feeling lazy, and an iPhone 5s otherwise. Thanks!
    danj asked gablett 2 weeks ago
  • Nice looking tank, How do you have your lights mounted? Thanks...
    jvelkgrove asked karlyboy 2 weeks ago