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Recent Comments

Muchas gracias.
Gracias!!! Lástima que el Iphone4s haga estas fotos tan azuladas, porque la verdad es que poco a poco estoy consiguiendo que por fin los sps me tiren y haya colorcito, jejeje.
Foto increíble!!! Qué colores!!!
Bonito tanque compañero.
"Thanks, this will be my 7th attempt... :)"

Thanks, this will be my 7th attempt... :)
Nice and colorful tank bros.

Recent Entries

Having massive issues keeping magnesium up. May have to aggressively dose this coming week. Calcium a bit high but alkalinity is perfect.
Removed all the small rubble rock from the tank and see if my flow improves. Noticed a bit of diterus laying about the sand.
KH 350 to 420
The extra phosguard seems to be improving things. The rate of algae growth is not as fast as it has been. We'll see what the next few days look like. It is encouraging but I don't want to have to run this much phosguard to keep things in check.

The new strainer for the frozen food is
Ponemos a cocinar 5,5 kg de roca viva con 2kg roca muerta

Sailfin Tang

Sand Sifting Starfish
Formia Starfish

Green Hammer Coral
Green Star Coral
Devuelvo el latoria cornutta ya que creo picaba a la tridacna
Added small powerhead to move water infront of dead spot infront of live rock, moved pvc four-way X to back of tank, and also moved camera. Fishies are now swiming through PVC & live rock swim throughs. Seem mush more happy with tank.
One Bacopa plant died. I was worried it won't have enough light.
Increased LED settings Noon to 4 PM both channels 23-27, 27-35, 30-45, 27-35, 23-27

Recent Questions

  • Beautiful reef! I am thinking of getting the Avast ATO with the peristaltic pump. I have just obtained a used Profilux which is working great and can't make up my mind to get the Avast ATO (digital version-hooks up to the controller) or by the GHL accessories to do the same thing. How do you like the ATO and what pump are you using. I am planing on moving the water from the basement to the 1st floor. Thanks! Frank
    franks asked fesso 5 days ago
  • when are we going to see pictures?
    basile asked phr0ztmedia 1 week ago
  • What is your current bulb combo? This is one spectacular tank.
    dtum asked ador14 2 weeks ago
  • Could I ask what setup you have used to take those magnificent coral photos ....you must be a pro?
    zipzap asked tankgirl 2 weeks ago
  • I am using a Vertex SR250 1200mm fixture and wondering if you dont mind sharing your vertex light settings / graphs? I am trying to tune mine better for mixed reef and acropora
    zipzap asked eternalaquarium 1 month ago