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Recent Comments

will do. here's hoping it does anything expected :-)
Man that thing is SWEET! If it stays that color blue and splits let me know, I would be interested in trading for or buying the split!
Thank you, I'm looking forward to it as well.
Great video and I am really looking forward to the next one and seeing the filtration system under the tank. Best wishes??.
Nice picture ! Love acro !

Recent Entries

Added IM Mini Maxx desktop reactor. Works great for GFO.

Added seachems "the bag" for carbon.

Changed carbon and GFO
Added splendid dotty back that terrorized leopard and killed royal gramma. Caught him and wrasse is now out and happy.

Was in tank about 2 weeks
Purchased pair of percula clown fish for $34

For some reason, the water was a little disturbed today. I cleaned the mechanical filters and the protein skimmer.

Flame angel looks comfortable in the tank.

Noticed two dead snails.
Change carbon
still cyano, color seems a bit pale
Fed spirulina brine shrimp.

Skimmer producing great medium skimmate.

Resisting the urge to test today. And tomorrow. Biting my arm. Test Sunday w/ 5 gallon water change.

Age of Aquariums will not be open Easter. I will be testing and changing water tomorrow.
Clownfish eggs look ready to hatch
Started dosing to the Red Sea Coral colors program recommended levels. Need to spread out iron and potassium sups over the next 2 or 3 days to avoid large spikes
Crazy Hair Algae growth in the last couple days, totally smothered my hapless zoa's. Tried to clean them off as best i could.

iIRC this can happen in the beginning of the NOPOx regimen
Called EcoTech Marine about the vibration on the MP10. They will be shipping a replacement wet side.

Recent Questions

  • Is there any way to set the libra so you can dose alkalinity just at night and calcium just during the day? im still looking at getting the libra just because of the accracy of it. Thanks Jason Downs
    jdog6973 asked subodhs 2 weeks ago
  • What type of lights are you using? Colors really pop.
    dmiles asked malicio 2 weeks ago
  • Hello OnlyTono, I am the Marketing Manager at www.marinedepot.com and came across your Aquarium of the Week here on AquaticLog. I am writing to ask for permission to utilize your sump photo's in one of our educational articles that will be viewed by over 90,000 of our customers. Please reply to marketingmanager@marinedepot.com. Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you.
    squids419 asked onlytono 3 weeks ago
  • Layout and corals look great! The tank start date is relatively new, but the corals look mature. If okay to ask, what is your source for the SPS and any consideration on compatibility in grouping the SPS?
    rmchoi asked oomomoo 1 month ago
  • How did you make your light hanger? Is it bought or DIY?
    dmiles asked dongil 1 month ago