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Recent Comments

Wow? those are awesome!
Nice acan Leandro !
Nice buddy you got there !
Finally saw one of these guys in person, the colors are amazing on them.
Thnks for the compliment!
still a long way to go.

Recent Entries

Retiro dos milleporas peladas y pongo otras en su ligar. Envio probeta a Triton para saber calidad del agua
Reducimos un poco el flujo del CO2 para estabilizar el KH y que no siga aumentando.
Los premmas han comido los pellets ocean one, parece que van recuperandose.

Los ˙ltimos corales introducidos parece que van mejorando los colores.
Decreased max lighting intensity from 100% to 70% to begin new acclimation period from morning to sunset, including storm periods.
Freshly mixed Red Sea Salt (mixed after bucket full and only for 24hrs) = 470 calc / 10.6 alk @ 34 ppt
Tested Alk after 4 days and dropped 4.4 to 3.6 so increased daily dose of Randy 2 part from 30mls to 50mls each at 0730am to commence at 50 on Wed 17/9/2014
Cleaned skimmer cup, replaced sock
Added ricks red planet acropora and corky gorgonia on Sunday September 7th
Tank looks great. Macro algae gone again in sump.
Started vinegar dosing

Recent Questions

  • Hi Ventino i have noticed that you have a Yellow tang and a Blue Hippo tang, how do these guys get along? i was always told that two tangs in an RSM was asking for trouble, i also want to know if they have ever developed Ich as Tangs are notorious for Ich. cheers big Pete
    bigpete asked ventino 6 days ago
  • Hi Tok, I'm owner too of rsm250. Could you explain me how have you modified and fitted the Red Sea max canopy in order to put the ATI dimmable controller? Thanks a lot and congratulations for this amazing rsm250!!!
    ventino asked tokalosh 1 week ago
  • Hi Marinereef, your tank looks great, i have a question for you,i noticed that you have swapped out the stock skimmer for a Deltec, has it been worth it, the stock skimmer on my RSM250 is driving me nuts and i am seroiusly thinking about doing this mod could you give me any advice thanks in advance Big Pete
    bigpete asked marinereef 2 weeks ago
  • Been watching your post here and at reef central for a long time. Love your tank. I have a question on the Grey rack that you have your poly tanks on for water storage, did you reinforce the wood or change the wood that came with the shelves? did you paint them to protect them? Thanks.
    cr2jones asked d2mini 3 weeks ago
  • What T5 Bulb Combo are you using on this tank? What light cycle do you run? How high off the water is your light fixture?
    urbaneks asked pmrg 1 month ago