Is this a mantis shrimp?
onlytono ‐ I would say yes. Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like a basher - which means he will likely blow through any snails crabs, or hermits you might have.
reefman_qc ‐ I think so but the video is not to long.
cdaussht ‐ Thanks everyone for the help. After watching him on and off for a few hours I am 100% certain it is a mantis shrimp. I've already set a bottle trap and the LFS is going to take him off my hands if I can get him...if not then its part of the fun having LR right :)
reefman_qc ‐ In that case good luck for catching it !
chronzz ‐ wow that dude can crack you glass. good luck catching him as reedman puts it
juliecash2001 ‐ get him out....
cdaussht ‐ I got him out, unfortunately he moved in to the base of my rocks-cape so i have to remove all of my rock to get to him. i pulled the rock out and shaked it in fresh ro/di water...he ran for the hills quickly :)
sussexdiver ‐ They do kill crabs etc but kept in the sump & feed they are very nice creatures
cdaussht ‐ thanks, he went to a good loving home
cdaussht ‐ thanks
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