Here's a video of my fish eating nori. I buy true nori as the asian markets typically add spices to their nori. I learned that the hard way. The only fish that doesn't tear this up is my Mandarin.
tochi ‐ Are they eating nori? Wonderful! I also like nori.
dtum ‐ I am surprised that the wrasse is at it as well.
Also I really like your fish selection, I'm slowly stocking my tank and seem to be choosing a lot of the same fish. Wicked!
d2mini ‐ Yeah, i buy the nori sold at the LFS. I know it costs more, but i trust it and the fish love it. Plus the big bag last me for months. I too am surprised at some of my wrasses that are interested in it. Must be that heavy garlic smell. ;)
stl_lucas ‐ What kind of tang is the 2nd one that came up? Brownish, looks like the shape of a Sailfin almost but different colors.
flipside ‐ Probably my Scopas. I actually like them more than I like purple tangs. :)

tochi - Yes, they all eat Nori. :)
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