dtum ‐ What an incredible video, really enjoying your aquarium. Are you tempted at all to try the LED or the T5s are fully suiting your needs?
pmrg ‐ Thanks mate.
Well I would test LEDs if I got them for free lol and not sure if I would keep them... because Im not investing my coins on LEDs just yet until I see some really good results in person, pink colors as the ones I currently have for example... but if even got the chance I would like to try the radions Pro and the vertex sr with extra red ... uv... violet modules I think these are the modules they have not sure.
reefman_qc ‐ Nice video bros !
pmrg ‐ cheers reefman_qc
stl_lucas ‐ Great video. Well done and thanks for sharing!
rowdies ‐ nice video. thanks for sharing.
sekunda2003 ‐ Awesome video, awesome tank. We are looking to do a larger tank and this is some great inspiration.
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