TeenyReef's IM Fusion 10 on April 17, 2017
cobra2326 ‐ What happened to the acros?
teenyreef ‐ I had problems with nitrate/phosphate balance, and there was a bacterial bloom. I moved the surviving acros and a lot of the other corals out for a couple months while I got it back in shape. I recently moved some acros back in - I'll upload a new picture!
cobra2326 ‐ Thanks! Are you dosing a carbon source?
teenyreef ‐ Yes, I dose NoPox. Dosing too much NoPox was part of the problem that caused the imbalance - I had to cut way back and do massive cleaning for a few months. Basically a soft reboot for the tank.
cobra2326 ‐ Interesting, this seems to be happening more often with carbon dosing. I'm going very slow, using chaeto/matrix to hopefully bring things to manageable levels before adding fish. A lot of people like matrix/siporax and refugiums because they respond to nutrients rather than forcing a change. Time will tell.
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