Sunday, August 20 00:15
Dense forest of branching acropora of every possible color.
Saturday, August 19 00:01
Old school planted tank with lush growth and nice selection of tropical fish. Sometimes simple is the way to go.
Friday, August 18 00:02
Great splash of color in this 450 Reefer.
Thursday, August 17 00:07
Does anyone see a place to put a new coral into?
Wednesday, August 16 00:15
Awesome formation.
Tuesday, August 15 00:29
This is such a cozy photo.
Monday, August 14 00:15
While saltwater setups dominate AquaticLog, you do need some green in your life.
Sunday, August 13 00:09
Red and blue linckia starfish are fairly common, but it is not every day one sees a purple one.
Saturday, August 12 00:05
Where the shrimp hang out.
Friday, August 11 00:27
We all live in a yellow submarine...