Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit

TestKit by Red Sea

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By lobo2304 on February 18, 2017
Dunno if I'm unlucky but mine test is not woth a clue. He shows me on long range a value of 24. I couldn't believe when I went to my shop and the seller showed me 1ppt No3.I came back home with jbl test kit and I had 1ppt on it too! So I tested again and again with the rsm test kit - all time not real reading. The expiry date on the package is 04.2017. I will try it again but 1 star from me today.
By nano on February 16, 2017
Excellent for low level Nitrate, I prefer the Nyos test for high range. The colour wheel is easy to read therefore improving accuracy. Recommend
By carlonaz on February 2, 2017

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