Started using Seachem Flourish and Spectracide Stump Remover(KNo3) to raise No3 and Po4.
View June 30, 2018 16:15
New Vortech wetside doing good. Cleaned Tunze 6040 and put back in storage.
View January 10, 2018 18:35
Vibrant seems to be working slowly on the bubble algae. Up to 5 doses so far.
View January 9, 2018 19:14
Finally got a new wetside for the MP40WeS.
View January 9, 2018 19:13
New Red Sea Phosphate Test Kit is so much easier to read with the new color wheel. Takes much longer though, 15 mins compared to 6 mins with the old test. But I'm willing to trade time for ease and accuracy.
View December 3, 2017 17:54
Added Tunze 6040 temporary until I get a new MP40 wetside.
View October 31, 2017 16:35
Found rusted wet side magnet on MP40WeS, removed, will have to replace.
View October 30, 2017 18:51
Finally got an RO/DI unit.
View July 5, 2017 18:36
Deep overnight full skimmer cleaning of 1:3 vinegar/water soak. Fully submerged with pump running.
View June 24, 2017 18:26
Mounted Mili, unknown Acro and Scroll Coral to rocks.
View May 6, 2017 19:29