My Carbon/Phosphate reactor flow had slowed to a trickle. A little investigating revealed the pump housing was askew and leaking. I re-seated the housing and now we're back in business.
View February 14, 2015 12:46
My replacement CO2 solenoid arrived yesterday. It's now installed and my calcium reactor is back on line ... finally.
View February 14, 2015 12:45
That CO2 solenoid I replaced on the 9th ... failed. Good grief. My calcium reactor is once again sitting idle while I order a replacement.
View January 20, 2015 21:01
I left my recently cleaned GFO reactor on the floor to dry. My dog destroyed one of my foam inserts. Will have to wait to fire this up until replacements arrive. My bad ...
View January 9, 2015 22:04
Installed replacement solenoid and check valve. My calcium reactor is back online.
View January 9, 2015 22:03
I returned from a two week vacation to the biggest algae bloom I've ever seen. My CO2 solenoid failed, letting CO2 bubble in nonstop. This, and some likely over feeding from my auto feeder, made things ideal for algae growth. Some coral are retracted, but I think everyone is still alive. I did a water change today and will do another tomorrow. I ordered a new solenoid.
View January 2, 2015 21:13
After discovering I had little to no magnesium or iodine, I started dosing both. After only a week, I'm seeing obvious growth in all SPS. Now to figure out how I'm going to maintain those levels, do I need to dose magnesium and iodine daily? Expensive. Need two new peristaltic pumps and timers?
View December 17, 2014 13:46
Added and testing Eheim auto feeder for use while on vacation
View December 7, 2014 21:08
Turned off the 60. I'm starting to think there's too much flow.
View November 8, 2014 18:07
Edge bleaching continues on new montipora. Added additional circulation.
View November 3, 2014 18:54