Custom Sump/Refugium Finished
d2mini ‐ Very nicely laid out. The fuge is looking good too.
ssbk23 ‐ Very well planned sump, nice :)
arch55 ‐ Thanks, it wasn't easy putting into palce but worked out.
dtum ‐ I like you sump. Especially the deep sea bed part - I bet this is going to look super awesome in a few years.
arch55 ‐ Thanks I hope it works like I want it to.
stl_lucas ‐ Very cool sump! Love the custom design and looks very organized.
arch55 ‐ Thanks took some time to install as it was put into place with the display tank full, needed to brace main tank to remove centre support leg to put sump into place.
stl_lucas ‐ Oh wow, that's a little scary. I'm glad it worked out, first time I've ever seen a custom sump like that, where did you have it made?
arch55 ‐ Had it made at LFS Bunarong Aquarium, I think Australian tank builders made it.
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