Today, I tested the 4-day usage of C, A, & M. I used .4 dKH alkalinity, 20 ppm Calcium, and 40ppm Magnesesium. Using a Kalk reactor, that makes me believe that after calculations @ .5 gallon/day evaporation, the reactor would add 7ppm Calcium, and .9 dKH alkalinity.

Alkalinity declined .4 + (.9x4) = 4 dKH (4-day usage) = 1 dKH/day
Calcium declined 20 + (7x4) = 48 dkH (4-day usage) = 12ppm/day
Magnesium declined 40ppm, = 10ppm a day usage. (Some loss more than likely do to Kalk reactor)

Will adjust levels to where I want them, and try the 4-day usage again.
View November 21, 2013 15:35
Tank is very cloudy, unsure why. Dosed Clarity, will see if if changes. Turned out to be bacterial bloom from NOPOX. It cleared up fast.
View November 18, 2013 22:24
I called DFS because the syringe in my kit was cracked, and they sent me a whole new kit. I can't believe it. That's outstanding customer service. I tested the RODI Water Container - 1 TDS. Works for me!

I started NOPOX today, lets hope I can raise my P04 and NO3 levels so I can have something other than zero.
View November 18, 2013 16:24
Cleaned out everything today. The calcium precipitated on glass and pumps. Finally the number is back to normal. After using Coral Colors and Reef Energy, I am noticing more coloration in the hammer. Exciting!
View November 17, 2013 20:49
4 tests in a row, alkalinity has finally been stable. The KW reactor was one of my best purchases. It has done an excellent job! I'll go back to checking weekly to see if it still stays stable. I'll check Calcium to see how that looks as well!
View November 8, 2013 00:02
I noticed a mini starfish like object last night that moved spots -- do I have a bonus starfish?! :)
View November 6, 2013 11:39
Today I installed the TLF KW reactor. Put .5 cup kalkwasser and made sure all the parameters looked good. Will check alk frequently to see if it is having a positive impact. Notice one of the lights starting to look dull. May be the cause of the algae issue. I also lowered the salinity to 1.026.
View November 5, 2013 22:08
Today I cleaned the whole tank. I leveled out the sand so that way they were no mounds. Also, I reorganized the rocks that way it was more sturdy. Productive day? I think so!
View November 1, 2013 16:06
All corals are open and beautiful! Noticed possible ich on Gramma - going to try to put in QT. noticed one bulb had a hard time coming on. I'm upgrading to ATI bulbs - changing 2 tomorrow.
View March 26, 2013 15:47
Emptied out RODI container And washed it out. I set up the quarantine tank and move the yellow tang there. I scrubbed out the protein skimmer and I moved one rock to the quarantine tank
View March 22, 2013 23:48