I'm in my diatom phase and its not pretty. It starting to clear up a bit. Will add a few more snails and critters to clean up that mess. I'm about to do something i've never done; ordering some of my clean up crew through a site and have it flown to the airport, where i'll pick it up. free shipping and the prices are right. No ideal how it will turn out just that they insure live critters for 15 days after the shipping. So i'm taking a chance. If all goes well i may oder some of my fish that way, less expensive than LFS. Example blue hyppo tang $199 at the LFS but $69.99 shipped to me directly. so its a big difference.
View March 5, 2017 12:02
Too early to take measurements everything is wacky and unstable. I used prodibio products to start up the tank like i did the last time. It seem to be working well ; again ,lol. The little critters are still alive like the product said 12 hours after the start up booster the tank can be stocked with minimum bioload. i haven't seen my pistol shrimp since i've put it in. Not a good sign.
View February 23, 2017 08:10
Well i'm restarting my tank system after 10 months of shutting down, (personal reasons). Its the same system with a few new items and restocking will start soon. I've abandon my stalactite for a more practical sculpture ; i actually sold it for $150 .
View February 18, 2017 08:39
Did a treatment, flat worm treatment with flat morm exit changed 30 gallons of water , worms seems to be all dead will se effect on the rest of the tank. the dosing was restricted to the refugium because with my gate valves i can isolate both my refugiums and the main tank. So while i treated the refugium i could still pump and filter the main reef. When i restarted the refugium i just stopped the pumps to the main reef to give the carbon time to filter out the toxin for an hour before i resume the connection of both system. I had previously taken my seahorses, my lionfish and my big inverts out of there, and put them in the huge overflow at the back of the main reef. Plenty of room and separators to isolate the lionfish.
View February 1, 2015 15:07
Lost 3 fish including one of my chromis , my mat fish who jump, and one of my beloved seahorse which i killed accidently, by cleaning my fuge. His tail got tangled in some weeds and he could move and free himself and died, i feel horrible about that one. Its been a horrible holiday for the fish this first year.
View January 1, 2015 08:34
Today i cleaned all my powerheads, with vinegar and soda. i've also removed my filter sock for the week to see the effect on the tank . This morning i've noticed that the crinoid is feeding much better because o it. More particules are left in the water column. So in consequence she's able to feed for smaller particules she didn't have access too before. The sump will get dirtier but if that what it take to keep her alive i'm all for it.
View December 15, 2014 12:33
Did 2 videos today one on feeding my seahorses and one on my gorilla crabs.
View September 27, 2014 16:20
After carefull review and reading and viewing of videos on YouTube of system without skimmmers, i've decided to proceed and stop my skimmer for 12 hours a day. The fact is most of my bioload is a high nutrients and filtering capabilities will offset any problem an ordinary system would have. My LPS and 13 sponges will absorbe this hight nutrient soup i beleive with very little problem. The fact that most of my gorgonians have not grown and my sponges have starved is an indication that my skimmer to his credit is removing too much matter from the water column that would be beneficial to the colective bioload of the tank.
View September 22, 2014 11:42
I'm doing an experiment; I'm stopping my skimmer for a week, to see if my sponges 13 of them will pick up the slack. What do you think.

View September 19, 2014 14:05
I changed my carbon and my GFO reactors today.
View August 30, 2014 12:24