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  • Moorish Idol / Zanclus canescens
djkms ‐ uggghhh This just makes me want another MI :(

How long have you had him?

MY MI was a perfect citizen until one day, after a year in my reef, it decided to treat my tank like its own personal buffet!!
blags ‐ I had it for 3 months in a q tank teaching it to eat prepared foods and it has been in the tank nearly 9 months now. Fingers crossed, touch wood etc he behaves himself.
djkms ‐ Well good luck to you! I might pull the trigger again and try my luck with another one. The MI has been my favorite fish for 20+ years now!
blags ‐ One of my fav's as well :)
carlonaz 3 years
adammahne 4 years
iczerone2000 5 years
ventino 5 years
ssbk23 7 years