Walking all around the tank :)
gretzy ‐ Dude!!

Man one day I hope I can have a system that is as nice as yours and as big lol. I also hope to actually see this in person this year.
ssbk23 ‐ Never get tired looking at your tank :)
blags ‐ Thanks Chen. Your welcome to come and check it out anytime :)
blags ‐ Hahaha Shane i have lost count of the beers we have had watching the tank :)
dtum ‐ That's it, I'm boarding a plane to Australia, save a beer for me! Your tank is awesome.
ssbk23 ‐ Haha Pete, me too. Almost overdue for another one :)
blags ‐ Hahaha Always a spare bed and plenty of beer :D
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