Storm time on my reef :)
d2mini ‐ Man that's a lot of Radions! Love playing with storm mode. Really freaks out the neighbors too, when your tank is at the front of your house. ;)
blags ‐ They are the GHL Mitras :) Way better than the radions :D
Doesn't matter how many times i have seen the storm mode i still stop and watch it lol
ssbk23 ‐ That's so freaking cool! Looks even more amazing in person. So much more realistic on a big tank :)
blags ‐ Thanks Shane. :)
d2mini ‐ Doh! Must be the color that threw me. I keep seeing mitras in the silver color, not the black. The mitras are pretty sweet. I dunno about WAY better though. haha ;-)
blags ‐ Yeah i went with the black as it fitted in better on my tank. I run some radions on a tank in the garage and feel quite comfortable in saying that the light is a much better unit :)
d2mini ‐ ha, well knowing first hand what GHL products are like, i have no doubt they are terrific. But since i'm sponsored by Ecotech, I'll have to take your word that they are better than the Radion Pro's! ;) The black looks good. I would probably choose that option too.
gretzy ‐ D2 you are Sponsored by Ecotech that is cool.
blags ‐ Hmmmm maybe i should ask GHL to sponsor me :D The radions are a great unit though ;)
dtum ‐ This is such an awesome video. Do they fish ever freak out because of this flashing?
blags ‐ I thought they would but nothing. Not even the wrasse which can be skittish and tend to jump. FIngers crossed knock on wood lol
dtum ‐ As long as your wrasse won't knock on your wooden floor. :)
ssbk23 ‐ After seeing your Mitras side by side with my Radion's I agree they are way better than the Radion's! Even the Radion Pro's won't have the spread these things do due to the limitation of having only 2 led clusters.
blags ‐ Yes all they would need to do is increase the amount of clusters and then they would be excellent :)
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