Set Vortech to 50% constant via Apex WXM.
View July 14, 2013 17:38
Added carbon to receive trace medication (Maracyn 2) and newly dosed Furan 2 (prior to yellow tang death re infection).
View May 20, 2013 20:00
Yesterday pH was dropping (Apex alarmed) below 7.6. Assumed it was a result of the medication or not enough surface agitation. Ended up being an issue but pH probe being dirty was causing lower readings as well. First added pH buffer. Raised pH but it quickly fell again (within 30 minutes). Added additional powerhead aimed at surface. Temporarily added a bubbler and opened window. pH continued to fall. Cleaned pH probe and it climbed back up to 7.75. Verified with test kit and electronic meter that pH was around 7.8. Tested KH and dosed accordingly. Left window open for a few hours and pH climbed back up to 8.16.

The two fish in QT were likely consuming oxygen faster than it was being replenished. Also KH was low. CO2 in the room was 800-900 and leaving the window open has lowered this to 500-600. Addition of another powerhead seems to have stabalized pH. Will continue to test KH and dose as necessary.
View May 17, 2013 12:29
Relocated three firefish to 72G tank. Inspected fish, no sign of illness.
View May 11, 2013 21:03
Mystery wrasse (added to QT on Sunday) ate mysis today.
View February 20, 2013 23:44
Moved copperband to Nathan's tank.
View January 18, 2013 23:00
Moved pearlscale butterflyfish to 180G.
View January 12, 2013 20:41
Copperband ate some food yesterday but much more today (beating out pearlscale to some mysis - but won't touch pellets).
View December 29, 2012 19:30
Added Nathan's new copperband. Removed tailspot blenny (to Nathan's 40g) and christmas wrasse (my 72G).
View December 26, 2012 20:00
Added Springer's Damsel Fish
View December 19, 2012 17:00