Replaced left side return bulkhead
Installed two WP25 wavemaker pumps to add more flow
View December 25, 2013 20:32
having trouble maintaining Alk levels
going to check dosing line make sure there isnt a clog.
Also cleaned biopellet reactor and rinsed pellets and reworked intake line to draw from return section in sump rather than skimmer section
View April 21, 2013 13:11
brown dusting appearing in a few spots but not as bad as it was a few months ago i may follow up with another 3 day black out if it gets any worse
View April 9, 2013 14:44
light schedule resumed...dinos seem to be dead
we shall see
View March 24, 2013 13:14
been battling dinos and a nasty bubble algea outbreak the past few weeks. About 2 weeks ago and after some research, i decided to try a 3 day lights out w a h2o2 treatment of 10ml a day and it helped a ton with the dinos, but after a few days of resuming my normal lighting schedule it came back. so im doing another 3 days lights out to see if that helps kick the rest.
I also removed the DSB in my small fuge, some of the sand was hardening and trapping a ton of detritus...figured it was doing more harm than good.
View March 9, 2013 15:58
Re-aquascaped a bit removed 2 large rocks that were impeding flow on each far side of the tank. Gives the fish more swimming space and makes the tank look less dense.
Cyano still a bitch....removed as much as i could during water change
and have been blasting the rocks w a baster every other day.
zoas look like crap lately and i lost my purple tip torch to brown jelly.
View February 4, 2013 09:40
had a terrible outbreak of cyano/diatoms (rusty covering all over sand and rocks) Afetr some reading i tried the 2 days lights out method to try and alleviate it. After the second day i resumed light s and the algea died back quite a bit...well see how long it takes to come back
Im also contimplating removing some rock and re scappinga bit to try and improve circulation and create a few more spots to place corals
View January 22, 2013 14:52
Noticed a small colony of zoas i have started to close up and look shrivled. did a 20 g wc will keep an eye on them
View December 9, 2012 09:24
added 2 packs of pods from Reef2go
added live sand activator package from Indo Pacific Sea farms
View November 28, 2012 15:25
Resumed Biopellets w a little less than 1/2 recommended dose...will keep an eye on the reactor and the no3 levels see if its working in about a month
View November 23, 2012 14:15