Re-aquascaped a bit removed 2 large rocks that were impeding flow on each far side of the tank. Gives the fish more swimming space and makes the tank look less dense.
Cyano still a bitch....removed as much as i could during water change
and have been blasting the rocks w a baster every other day.
zoas look like crap lately and i lost my purple tip torch to brown jelly.
February 4, 2013 04:40
dtum ‐ I can wholeheartedly recommend ProdiBio. I've struggled with Cyano in the past, but in my newer tank I've been dosing it every two weeks and have not had any.
Just a thought, take it with a grain of salt, but it worked for me. You will need two of them: ProdiBio and ProdiDigest.
brklynarch ‐ I have been using both for a bout a month now.
I dose one every week after water changes and the other every other week,,,i forget which is which but i have them marked. The water usually gets really clear after but the cyano persists. Im going to stick with it a little while longer and see what happens after its been dosed more consistently