Tossed a couple of corals. Added hammer coral. Changed media.
View June 21, 2014 00:53
Everything looks sad. :( performed another 5 gal water change. Hope things will look up in the morning.
View June 19, 2014 04:05
Performed water change.

Frogspawn, torches closed up for some reason... Phosphates a bit high, may go chemical to remove some.

Dragons breath not looking too happy...

RIP YWG, got sucked into pump (wtf is with my fonts and pumps?!). Will look into floss to cover before trying again.
View June 16, 2014 23:38
Upgraded lights again, added another actinic blue (3 total). Also added a strip of rose LEDs, makes color pop. Lost plate coral frag.

Destroyed two apraxia with Kaulkwasser paste.

Rearranged aquascape.
View June 14, 2014 22:34
Upgraded lights yesterday. Installed a TrueLumen pink/white LED strip on a dimmer, and one more actinic module.

Added a sea lettuce and dragons breath.
View June 12, 2014 00:25
Water change. Everyone looks happy. :)
View June 9, 2014 14:33
Shruiken is opening up nicely. Torches show growth, acans tentacles extending. Gorgonian growth. Plate is not doing so hot... Edges whitening.
View June 9, 2014 14:33
Ammonia high in QT, aging salt water to change it tomorrow.
View June 7, 2014 05:12
Installed InTank today. Looks good. Also organized back tank area to look better.
Will perform water change tomorrow.
View June 5, 2014 02:39
Set up QT tank for clowns - one showing signs of ich, other looks fine. Will p/u copper tonight to dose. Copper will be p/u tomorrow.
View June 4, 2014 16:34