Just Purchased the new Ecotech Marine Radion G3 PRO Lights for my tank and i'm selling my Ecotech Marine Radion G2 Lights if interested shoot me a text 4166716060 http://cnz.nu/TRtz
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Got a new Custom PRA ATO Container 16X11X24 18 Gallons

2 x Horizontal Floats Switches (High & Low)

Using Apex I have automated my ATO Container. I have installed a Solenoid on my RO|DI and programmed my Apex to turn on the RO|DI when my low float is open and turn off when my high float is closed. fully automated.

Using Tunze Osmolator for my ATO
View January 8, 2014 20:51
Added a new Salinity Probe to my Apex. Have to wait 2 week so the probe breaks in and i can calibrate it.
View January 3, 2014 12:57
My Apex Dasboard
View December 28, 2013 23:28
upgrading my apex jr to apex lite :) and the new AFS
View December 7, 2013 17:14
Calcium and alkalinity are stable again will start dosing as of tomorrow.
View December 5, 2013 14:22
KH to high turned of auto dosing and will do a test again a in a few days.
Ca Low so i have raised the dosage of Calcium. will test again in a few days.
View December 1, 2013 23:35
I fragged 35 SPS today :)
View November 29, 2013 15:00
got my new Primo Reef Acrylics Dosing Containers to day supper cool looking.
View November 28, 2013 20:14
Using a 1/4" quick connect bulk head and BRS Dosing pump I automated my ZEOStart3 Dosing.

It will dose 0.7ml at 11am and 11pm for a total of 1.4ml a day.

BRS had a sale on the dosing pumps for 50$ each so I ordered 3 more to automate the rest of the zeovit dosing i have to do.
View November 25, 2013 21:25