Kelly has almost completely changed color to blue. Everything seems to be fine with his environment, and he looks and acts fine other than now being blue. Apparently betta's do this sometimes, so I guess we'll roll with it.
View September 14, 2017 17:41
Kelly the Koi Betta is doing great in his new home.

We're careful not to overfeed him. He sees when we're ready to give him food, and comes up so we can drop the pellets right in front of him to track how much he eats, and make sure a lot of extra food doesn't end up in the tank.

Between that and the large glass beads rather than gravel, providing less hidden space for uneaten food to accumulate, this tank is staying in pretty good shape so far.
View July 30, 2017 13:29
A new aquarium, and a fresh start in betta keeping. This Fluvial Chi II should perform better as a betta aquarium than the modified Fluval Spec, and takes up less counter space.

Introducing "Kelly the Koi Betta", the first inhabitant.
View July 8, 2017 16:14