0100 1ml 1ml 1ml
0200 0ml 1ml 0ml
0300 1ml 1ml 0ml
0400 0ml 1ml 0ml
0500 0ml 0ml 0ml
0600 1ml 0ml 1ml
0700 0ml 0ml 0ml
0800 1ml 1ml 0ml
0900 0ml 0ml 0ml
1000 0ml 1ml 0ml
1100 0ml 0ml 0ml
1200 1ml 1ml 1ml
1300 0ml 0ml 0ml
1400 0ml 1ml 0ml
1500 0ml 0ml 0ml
1600 0ml 1ml 0ml
1700 0ml 0ml 0ml
1800 1ml 1ml ml
1900 0ml 0ml 0ml
2000 0ml 1ml 0ml
2100 0ml 0ml 0ml
2200 0ml 1ml 0ml
2300 0ml 0ml 0ml
2400 1ml 1ml 0ml

Total 7ml 13ml 4ml
View April 6, 2017 22:09
Now that water chem has been a little more stable with the start of dosing, I'm running out of room in the 10 gallon. Everything is growing like crazy and there just isn't enough space to last another year before we buy a home. We will be moving mid April or at the beginning of May to another rental. Hopefully only for a year. With this move i'm going to be getting a 55 gallon tank on April 2nd. Most of the equipment i'm going to purchase will be sized for the 120 build and tuned way down. This way I will only need to get the tank when the time is right and I will have enough space for the next year. Another benefit to this is that I can practice hard plumbing for the first time before we get to the 120. Pretty excited!
View March 28, 2017 12:51
First dosing session to bring levels back up today. From now on I will be dosing 5 ml of calcium and 15 ml of alk per day and monotoring the levels and adjusting as needed. I know everyone says to dose equal parts of each but that is not how the scaling goes per the Red Sea instructions and charts. Hoping to get a dosing pump soon!
View March 3, 2017 20:10
Added the Marinepure yesterday. Now we just have to wait and be patient as the tank repopulates the bacteria that was lost when I removed all the rock from my sump. Also the addition of the anemones compounds the issue making it more difficult for the bio filter to adjust. Algae seems to be blooming as well as diatoms. Temperature has also been an issue since increasing the flow in the sump where the heaters are. Trying to dial that back into range.
View February 15, 2017 22:17
Getting ready to do my weekly testing. Working the night shift at work has messed my timing up a bit. I've been having a huge bloom of diatoms. I underestimated the effect that taking out the rock in the refugium would have on the bio filter. Also, on top of that the free anemones added to the mess with the bio load. Tomorrow I will be getting some marine pure bio media. Going with the balls just because it is something I can get at my LFS. Hopefuly this will be corrected within a couple weeks. Otherwise everything is going great. Finally feel like i'm getting the basics down! Didn't take too long with the proper tracking tools. This site is great!
View February 14, 2017 02:10
Everyone seems to be doing much better now that I have started to maintain a more stable PH. Polyp extension on most everyone seems good. The anemone's seem to be settling in and not moving around very much. Hoping that the clown fish will figure out hosting here in a week or two. I love the new LED in the refugium! It is a bright pink and almost too bright to look at.
View February 10, 2017 19:26
Working on keeping the PH of the system more stable. Added a powerhead to agitate the surface of the water in the intake section of the sump. I will also be adding a large airstone in the same section as soon as I can get around to it. Hopefully this will keep the CO2 in the tank down and stabilize the PH. Buffers are working in the short term but not viable for long term use as it raises alkalinity as well. Getting a new light for the refugium tomorrow and a digital PH meter. The bulb is a 54W red and blue LED used for indoor gardens. I will have an update on effectiveness in the refugium after a few weeks.
View February 7, 2017 09:38
Cleaned out the refugium of a bunch of decaying plant matter yesterday. I think this was the source of nutrients for the algae problem I have been dealing with. Also raised the PH a bit to a true 8.2. I think my last measurement was about 8.1. Everyone seems to be out and liking the changes. The pocillopora were kinda out as well! I am a little worried for them however. They are bleaching since the move. Hoping they recover soon!
View February 1, 2017 20:40
First round of testing today. PH is low at 8.0. Bought some Seachem Reef Buffer to get the PH back up. I will start to add that slowly after today's water change. Phosphates are still high but they seem to be going down slowly. Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time and scrubbed as much algae off the rocks as I could. It looks much cleaner today. Hopefully I will have some pics up as soon as everyone starts to come out!
View January 29, 2017 16:10
Still dealing with algae problem on rocks. Hoping the adition of the BRS media reactor with GFO and Cabon will help. Phosphates were a bit high at 0.07 last time I checked. Loving how clear the water is due to the carbon.
View January 26, 2017 20:56