I always used to feed my anemone in my larger tanks but I had stopped on this nano for fear of impacting water quality.

The other day I felt a little bad for it so I decided to feed it yesterday (a nice mix of LRS Fish Frenzy and some chopped clam).

I woke up this morning to the BTA taking a stroll over my zoa garden, Within about an hour he'd settled into a spot. Funny enough the spot I wanted him in when I setup the tank.

Then I realized the reason he'd moved is that it had split.

At least it'll keep the Porcelain Crabs happy.
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The layout is still a work in progress as I'm still adding frags.

Mag Rock is starting to get some colour, hope the coraline starts to cover it soon.
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The new UPS is installed I gotta APC back-ups pro 1000. I finished configuring the apex for power loss and in testing it looks like I get approximately 6 hours runtime.
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So its been about 3 weeks since I started noticing my zoas closing up. Since I stopped dosing Nopox my nutrients still haven't registered on the test kit but my Zoas have almost fully recovered.
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Got up this morning and noticed my skimmer was overflowing. Checked the water level in the sump section and it was really high, but hasn't quite reached the overflow switch.

Not positive what happened. The only thing I can think off is that the power may have flicked a bunch of times yesterday. When the power flickered it much have been enough to trip the Ozmolater, causing it to dump a little water into the tank every time. The power must've never went out completely because I never did get a power failure e-mail from the Apex.

Looks like the ATO was shutoff by the Apex automatically when the PH hit 8.4. Salinity ended up being 1.024 so not too bad.

Guess its time to invest in a UPS.
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Added a new fish today. A Hector's Goby.

Settled right in almost immediately.
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Added a MagRock Jr and rearranged some frags.

I really like the look, definitely added some depth to the tank. Should look really good once it colours up.
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last week I started adding Kalkwasser to my top off water. Parameters appear to be holding steady with a 2 tsp to 2.5 gallon mix.

PH is staying up nicely as well.
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Started noticing some of my Zoas aren't as fully open as I'd like.

I think I'm keeping the tank too clean, might need to up my nitrates a bit.
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I was never happy with the spread on the AI Prime. I had too much shadowing on the edges. I could have went with a second Prime but the tank wouldn't have accommodated 2 mounts well.

A few weeks back I found a deal on a pair of used Kessils A350WE that was too good to pass up.

Currently running a pair of A360 at 30%.

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