Been a little topsee turvy.

Had a major Cyano outbreak.

Got that cleaned up and had a powered die.

Before I got it replaced had this odd red hair algae start.

Replaced the two Red Sea T5s I was using with some ATI blue+ and that seems to have resolved it.
View February 25, 2017 23:15
Picked up 2 RBTA, and some SPS frags on a peice of live rock. removed everything from the rock and added to the tank.

the BTAs have settled in fine, well see how the SPS do.
View November 15, 2016 22:34
The new Clowns and Goby are eating well second day.
View November 6, 2016 09:07
Added a small Occellaris Clown Pair, a Yellow Watchman Goby, and a small cleanup crew.

Moved my rock around a bit as well. I'll likely remove one piece entirely.
View November 6, 2016 01:09
Well added pure ammonia last night, no ammonia or nitrite found today.

Looks like it's finally time for some livestock.
View October 15, 2016 11:18