FTS February 3, 2013
urbaneks ‐ That was fast! From idea to water in the tank in a couple days. Looks good, will look even better when it fills in.
gretzy ‐ Looks great, I am so going to one of these.
d2mini ‐ Thanks guys. I'm stressing out hoping the little ground cover plugs start to root soon! They are barely staying put.
markl ‐ Love it! I won a Fluval Chi 6.6 gal at FJW's party awhile back. I think you have inspired me to get creative with it! I want to do those little red and white shrimp.
d2mini ‐ Yeah, i was standing right next to you trying to act cool and not strangle you. LOL! Those cherry shrimp are cool. Do it! hahaha
markl ‐ LOL! I still can't believe my wife drew my name. Where are you getting all your freshwater supplies? Fish Gallery? City Pets? Online?
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