Boosted Alk to 8ml per day from 4ml. Was at 7.1 dKH.
Dosed 10ml right away to raise.

Boosted Ca to 9ml per day from 4ml. Was at 360 ppm.
Dosed 25ml right away to raise.

Boosted Mag to 4ml per day from 2ml. Was at 1240 ppm.
Dosed 50ml right away to raise.

8.5 Alk
440 Ca
1400 Mag
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My magnesium is dropping 20ppm in under 5 days at 2ml daily, which is an increase from my previous system. I attribute this to a couple large chalices that are already growing well. I'll have to keep up with larger magnesium doses each week.

Alk and calcium demands have decreased from the last system but I still don't have the dosing pump dialled in to say what the tank is consuming right now. Likely around 12-15ml daily. But we'll see.
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I just installed a DIY dosing line holder made out of a Maxijet holder. With a little heat it bends round nicely, drill a couple holes for the dosing lines and you have a cheap and cheerful dosing line holder.
I find Ca, Alk and mag leave terrible marks on the glass when allowed to just drip down. The dosing line holder will force them to be mixed Ina high flow area of the sump and will keep the glass clean.
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I'm feeding the corals regularly to get increase growth, as I have a couple pieces I want to grow out. A ReefTech Starburst Montipora and a couple cyphastrea I'm hoping will start to take over their respective 'pockets'.
I feed KZ Coral Vitalizer, Fauna Marin Zoa/Ric food, Reef Roids, KZ LPS Amino Acids and Acropower on a weekly rotation as I see the need. I use the Acropower sparingly as I see more benefit from the KZ LPS amino's.
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Planned Maintenance Schedule:
20% water change every 2 week
Coral feeding every 1 week
Glass cleaning as needed
GFO use and replacement as needed (not online yet)
Carbon use and replacement as needed
Skimmer cup empty every week (running wet)
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The first 7 days of having the system running were very busy. The return pump and heater were setup first to keep everything running, then once the corals and fish were in the skimmer and APEX were installed and brought online. The old system had to be completely emptied and cleaned so that it didn't stink my office out (that was a late night). Then, with the APEX running I got the lights, doser, battery backup etc running. Now at the 10 day mark, everything is online (except the auto feeder) and running well.
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I've just setup he doser and checked Ca, Alk and Mag and all are a little low. I've added larger quantities of the components and will check again shortly and use that as my base line for programming the dosing pump. I'm starting at 4ml of Ca and Alk and 2ml daily of Mag. I've got a couple chalices and SPS so I try to keep my Mag at 1350+ , Alk at 8-9 dKH and Ca at 400+.
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This system is a downsize from my last setup (a 75 gallon) but an upgrade in terms of equipment and ease of maintenance. The smaller tank size and covered overflow means my ATO water lasts longer which is great for when I have to travel for work and water changes are now much easier too, so that's a huge win. P04 is currently 0.018 ppm, I'm hoping to keep it under 0.03 with a regular feeding and water change schedule. Plus I installed a GFO reactor.
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