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  • Tooth Coral / Galaxea spp.
Seen a few of those on AquaticLog and thought I'd give it a try as well.
d2mini ‐ Hey! You got a Galaxea! Cool!
dtum ‐ Did not I see one in your tank? :) So far it is seems a bit shocked. What do you think of this coral?
d2mini ‐ Yup! You saw one in my video. I just realized I never added it to my inhabitants page. Must go take a pic right now! Great coral, yours should settle in, in time. Mine sends out some pretty long reachers.
reefrouteaquatics 1 year
youngatheart 3 years
carlonaz 3 years
iczerone2000 4 years
adammahne 5 years
ventino 5 years
alvin 6 years
sekunda2003 6 years
utopianreef 6 years
patwreck 6 years
ssbk23 7 years
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Tooth Coral (Galaxea spp.) 1 45.0 2013-01-27