Over the past couple months we learned a lot about the aquarium and the inhabitants. Have been in the hobby for quite some time (8 years for salt water) We added two Diatomacious Earth Filters and also an algae reactor, We also started dosing with dosing pumps. E Shopps and Bubble Magnus. We transitioned over to Red Seas program for a tank with mixed corals and have been impressed.. Today we changed a sock with Carbon in it. Will need to change the sock again in August 2018. Still a lot more to learn. This site has been very helpful
View May 26, 2018 21:38
Our Mg levels are finally good. Saturday 3/3/18 we added several corals, Mostly
View March 5, 2018 22:39
So our Magnesium is high. We did a water change. Waiting for it to go down. Some corals are doing well. Some are not doing as great, we will try to do whatever we can to fix it
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So it ended up being an eventful week and day. Today we gradually got our salt level back up, still have some way to go. Phosphate levels down, which is great. However, we target fed which went well but anxious abouit phosphates going up so we will be cautious. The corals and all living things look great. More to come.
View February 19, 2018 00:18
Things continue to do well. We went to another coral and fish store and bought some mushrooms, gorgonian, merlette blastomussa colony, blue ridge coral, feather duster colony (Hawaii), and Red Seas Test Strips.
View February 17, 2018 22:17
We added several new coral last night. Plate corals, Galexia, pink and purple chalice coral, zooanthids, poc something. Today everything seems to be doing well, and growing and the color of the coral is getting more vibrant. We want to keep it improving and doing well.
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Water is too soft. We have been working on fixing this for awhile so this is frustrating. Contemplating using tap water versus RO because we have had better success. Anyone have thoughts they can share.

Also last evening we added more corals (mostly zooanthids) but also a red plate montipora, cloves, and muschrooms. They look like they are doing well. Still treating fix for ich, the treatment seems to be helpful. Any recommendations on what others do to treat their fix for ich?

Lastly new diatom filter should arrive tomorrow. Look forward to receiving that.
View February 12, 2018 12:43
Started aquatic log. Currently trying to fix the tank, as we are having big fluctuations in our DKH. Got a group of new corals.
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