Changed 4 gallons of water and started using Dr. Tim's Waste Away. The bioload in my tank is fairly high so Im always battling hair algae. Even with weekly water changes. Im hoping this stuff can help keep things under control! Im skimmerless as Im putting most of my money into a new 40 breeder build that is slowly getting put together.
View May 5, 2013 19:04
The Zoa colony never opened up. It died.
View April 29, 2013 23:34
Changed out the filter floss, and removed the CPE. Im using Phosguard again as Im still seeing a bit of hair algae and cyano. The hammer and frogspawn look great! The small Zoa colony is yet to be happy. There are 5 heads at the moment, none really open. Hopefully they will be ok. The fish look great although I noticed what looks like a burn mark on Gru. He is acting normal though!
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Changed out the filter floss. Its always nasty after 3-4 days. Stirred up the sand bed, breaking up the diatom film on it. They are nowhere near as bad as last week. I still get little pockets of diatoms on the sand though. Fed Mysis shrimp today! I dont think the clowns are huge fans though.
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Diatoms are slowly going away. I wanted to do a 50% water change and clean up the tank some. Performed 50% WC, cleaned off the heater/mp10 wet side/ and surface skimmer box. Changed the filter sponge in the AC 70 as well. I also added 1lb of live sand to makeup for sand sucked out over the past year.
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Changed about 2.5 gallons of water. Added filter floss to the bottom of the AC 70 so the Purigen isn't acting like the mechanical filter. Added about a pound of new sand. Forgot to rinse it so the aquarium is cloudy as crap. Next time Ill not forget that. Turned off the MP10 and put the AC70 on full blast to try and clear up the water quickly. Hopefully everyone is still alive once the water clears. :)
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Added a new AC 70 today. Been battling nuisance algae running the gamut from GHA to cyano and now a diatom bloom mixed with some cyano. I did not have enough phosphate media so bought CPE and running that with Purigen in the AC 70. We'll see if that has any effect on the nuisance algae. other people run it with great success.

Also picked up the AC70 overflow and media basket kit from It is awesome and I highly recommend it if you are running an AC 70!
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