So, I got home from a friend's house last night and was alarmed to hear the loud sound of splashing water.

Apparently, my Chemipure bag was blocking the return from my refugium and it was overflowing - thus dumping 2.5 gallons of water on the floor.

I've been running Chemipure in the return area of the refugium since I got it, but bought a large bag the other day by accident. Lesson learned - stick with the small bag.
View April 26, 2015 22:53
Attempted a minor re-scape today, but while attempting to glue some rocks together, one of them crumbled apart.

So, it required a major re-scape. I'm actually very happy with the results! I managed to turn around a big piece of base rock where my mini carpet anemone has been hiding for months so it is visible now!

Will post a photo once the sandstorm subsides.
View April 3, 2015 17:40
I dosed my ATO water with kalk, but seems the saturation was too high (0.5 tsp/gal) as pH and alkalinity are climbing.

I dumped out half of the ATO water and diluted it with RODI, and will continue to monitor levels over then next couple of days.
View March 25, 2015 22:30