Wants to kill a mexican turbo snail for thinking it would be fun to park his BIG $#@&:-) ing shell in the middle of a no park zone blocking the return hose causing 5 gals of water spilling .....ArGh
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Thought id give the tank a new look. Bring the bulk of my mushrooms a bot lower and less flow area. Maybee they will start to open up a bit more now? They should be 2 3inches open bit are no more than 1/2"
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Since adding bio pellets and reactor noticed cyano slowly dissipating. Nitrates hit 0 finally after a long war due to crashed sand. And only started with 100ml hitting a 400ml over 2months. I added 100ml a week and a half later. I will add another 50 next sunday and so on until 4oo is reached
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