Been far too busy to update the tank journal. life got in the way.
The Vals had been doing great lately and tolerating the Excel dosing well. Not sure what happened but 75% of the growth on the Vals melted a couple of weeks ago. I might have accidentally double dosed the tank with Excel. I cant remember. but it was defiantely excel that killed them. So. Since the vals grow like weeds I'm going to baby them and see if enough come back. I've stopped dosing excel. it's just not worth it. Went out and got me some C02 tank regulator etc. and we will see if they like it. they should since they are hogs for nutrients. I expect that the rest of the tank will like it as well since Excel is a poor-mans meal to a plant that likes actual CO2.

ON another note. the fry are all colored up and huge probly 2" right now on average. looks like all males with just one lone female. Right now they are tolerating each other well but I'm trying to re-home them soon.
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Fry Update:

Been a while since I've had the time to provide an update. The fry are almost 1 month old, there are still seven of them. Mommy and daddy have disowned them and will chase them quite aggressively when they catch them near their cave. it was interesting to see that whole dynamic shift. It started at week 3ish and now the fry are persona non gratis.

The fry are using the large patch of flame moss ass cover from the adults, and it looks like they are starting to get their colour. I've been trying to sex them but I'm not sure they are quite there yet. Tails and dorsal fins look the same on every fish
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Fry update:

Could only find six fry at the evening feeding today. this morning there was eight, and when I checked them after work there was seven. They went so long before losing more that I'm thinking that they are not following mom and dad as close so it could be that they were behind the driftwood or in the moss. fingers crossed.
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Fry Update:

Think I may have lost fry today. they've been getting braver and braver each day. This evening while i was feeding them one little guy kept swimming up into the top of the tank where the Danios were in a feeding frenzy. i tried to get my had in an shoo him towards the lump of flame moss but I think i might have been a little to late. He started swimming erratically and it looked like he might have been a little stunned after his encounter. Mommy and daddy were getting a little worked up about the situation as well so I turned the tank lights and room lights off early. Hopefully he can recover and join up with his siblings. Good example of Darwinism though :p
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Fry update:

Still nine fry. Hopefully these little guys can survive. Way bigger today than last week when they were first out and about. They must be twice as big.
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Fry update:

Just nine little wrigglers today. I've been feeding them Hikari first bites although they seem to find lots of stuff to eat all over the tank
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Fry Update,

Total fry number around 12 -> 13 now down from the max on the 7th where there looked like there was 30 or 40.

Mom & Dad Krib seem to bee taking care of them well enough but I imagine that if a little fry wanders off the 15 Zebra Danios would take care of them in short order.

It will be interesting to see if these last 12 make it. but since it's the first brood to hatch I'm not holding my breath.
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Good news! The Kribs have hatched their first spawn. I was sure that the couple had either eaten the eggs or that the temp from the ich treatment had killed off the eggs.
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Looks like the Ich is gone for good. No new spots after I came back from xmas. If there was still Ich I should have some spots on the Kribs at least. none noted.
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Looks like the Ich is gone. Yay! Held temp steady @ 86.5 to 87.5 for 4 days after the last appearance of the spots
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