The lawnmower Blenny had jumped out of the smallest hole from a screened tank. I bought Victor on his last breath and returned to tank but the Clarki clown fish attacked him I saved him but he did not survive the night ????
View March 20, 2017 08:59
Blue hippo tang transferred from rear quarantine tank and placed in display tank on Monday within a cage to seperate attacking from other fish
View March 1, 2017 07:11
Female Clarki was noted with a Popeye infection. Quarantined fish into 100L tank and treated with Melafix.
View March 1, 2017 07:09
Lost Anthia to what not sure but no visual signs of disease.
View January 25, 2017 18:51
Tested new RO water bought from local shopping centre, results are:

Salinity: 1.000
ph: 7.0
Nitrite: 0
Phosphate: 0
Ammonia: 0
Copper: 0

All Good (will test TDS later)
View December 10, 2016 18:36
After removing the bio filter I installed a phosphate reactor that I had won at MACA last year. The brand was Dupla and had reduced phosphate from 0.47 to 0.2 in less than a week so happy with progress
View December 3, 2016 22:59
The carbon reactor appeared to be operating inefficiently so after monitoring nitrate and phosphate which continued to rise the reactor was removed and no pox reused.
View December 2, 2016 20:11
Installed the last of the bio reactor and relocated the pump for the skimmer before the coral bioload zone.
View November 6, 2016 06:50
One of the lights got wet and blew now looking for a new AI hydra 52 light. Bought in small prime from back to replace temporarily
View September 11, 2016 08:54
Removed 50kg of live Rock and scrubbed all brypsis from Rock. All corals removed from Rock and placed on right hand side of tank.
Started rescaping left hand side of tank with solid foundation established. Bought 5kg of real reef Rock, epoxied live Rock.
View September 11, 2016 08:51