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  • Plate Coral, Long Tentacle / Heliofungia actiniformis
Came as a hitch hiker on some Zoa's. Just appeared one day and grew and grew.
pachi ‐ Nice
fragtastic ‐ Wasn't sure what it was when it first started growing. Some people said get rid of it, but I was curious. Turns out this time curiosity didn't kill the cat, or anything else.
pachi ‐ Its like a Fungia
fragtastic ‐ Yes it's Latin name is Heliofungia actiniformis.
reefrouteaquatics 1 year
carlonaz 3 years
iczerone2000 4 years
ventino 5 years
adammahne 5 years
ssbk23 6 years
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