First water change was just short of a disaster. Purchased a new Rio Plus 1100 thinking I would use it and make the evacuation and refilling nice and easy. Boy was I wrong, way too powerful and the clear hose I bought was much too stiff. Ended up spraying a bunch of water all over the place. Also didn't think I'd have to switch off all the power but realized pretty quick as the return pump sprayed water again that both the power and battery backup must be off for water changes. After knocking over a piece of rock I switched to the gravel cleaning suction tool I purchased. Much more flexible. Still used the Rio to pump back in- took all of 30 seconds.

May look into a much smaller Rio and small tubing so it will be a bit more flexible. Suction device thought worked great, although a bit large for a nano tank.

Either way the first change is fine and the 2nd change water is mixing. Plan to put a couple days between and do another change to clean up after the main cycle.
May 7, 2016 21:38