Goniopora; is thriving. The female clown is trying to nest in it and I'm seeing the retraction reflex is diminishing.
View October 23, 2016 12:47
Goniopora; polyps well extended, starting to look consistently well.
View October 19, 2016 08:47
Dosing; I'm seeing spikes in Calcium (440 ppm) and magnesium (1560 ppm) which must be associated with the two additives - Reef Fusion (calcium) and TLF Magnesium (magnesium). I can't measure iron and it may be that the Reef Fusion has both iron and magnesium so I think it wise to cut these both back significantly unless I find some deficiency in testing.

I'll set the dosing for 3ml of each additive on alternate weeks and have a look at the results in 3 months.
View October 17, 2016 21:24
Clownfish; both have improved condition and the male is starting to fill out in the dorsal region which was originally quite sunken.
View October 15, 2016 13:46
Goniopora; seeing definite improvement - I assume that's related to the dosing. Tentacles are more expanded and flowers extensions are extended. The female clown keeps trying to nestle into the flowers causing them to retract buy they come back within a few minutes.
View October 15, 2016 13:43
Feeding: target fed corals, zooanthids and mushrooms with reef roids. All but the goniopora reacted with a feeding response. Allowed the balance of the food to be suspended in the water when the return pump restarted.
View October 14, 2016 19:29
Goniopora; polyps are extending more since dosing. I can't be sure what exactly is working so I'll continue with the alternation of Reef Fusion 1&2 with TLF Iron and mangnesium for now. Testing this weekend will probably give me some useful info.
View October 14, 2016 04:37
Feeding; target fed all coral and mushrooms with Ocean Nutrition Lobster eggs. all mushroom closed over the food as did the zoanthids and polyp corals. The clowns and blennie feasted on the eggs that remained in the water column. The goniopora retracted when the eggs were blown across the tentacles but I don't know if that was a feeding pattern. Earlier a grain of Marine FX dropped into a zoanthid which closed around it to feed.
View October 9, 2016 10:20
Filter media; cleaned and re-arranged the cartridges to ensure better polishing of particles in the filter.
View October 9, 2016 07:15
Supplements; I need to establish baselines for the Magnesium, Calcium and Alkalinity and see how they are reacting to the supplements. The Reef fusion 2 supplement turned into snow when it was dosed tonight. I dosed the whole lot quickly and it was in a low flow area so that may have caused the snow effect. I'll be more careful next dosing to see if that was the issue.
View October 9, 2016 07:09