Fed the jawfish directly. He's set up shop under the main piece of live rock in my tank. He actually ate out of the turkey baster.
View January 29, 2014 05:40
I removed 1.5 gallons of water and replaced with 1.030 water to slowly raise it a bit. it's now reading 1.022. I will wait a few days and do the same thing again.
View January 26, 2014 20:23
I got the urge to recalibrate my refractometer as I was worried about salinity readings... hoping that I was fine, and that it was just out of whack, I calibrated it.. and sure enough.. it was jacked.. unfortunately, it was jacked in that it was reading higher than it should.. so this means, instead of my tank running 1.023; it's actually running 1.020. I am raising the salinity slowly, as I type this.
View January 26, 2014 13:33
Did a water change again.. it's been 2 days.. hopefully it helps with the slightly raised phosphate.. also, ph is kinda low @ 7.8
View January 25, 2014 21:40
Still have an issue with slime. I checked my numbers and phosphate was the only thing that stood out. I can't tell if it's diatoms or dino. It's reddish brown.. def not cyno as meds didn't kill it. I'm leaning towards dino's for appearance.. looks like pictures without the bubbles. I added phosban today to see about getting the phosphates down. I will need to get a silicate tester if they are high.. shouldn't be though as i've added nothing that would leech it.
View January 25, 2014 21:38
Fish and Corals checked out perfect this morning. I guess the temp spike didn't do much because it wasn't below the minimum.
View January 23, 2014 07:05
Did a water change and forgot to heat the water before hand. Tank dropped 2 degrees.. note to self... never do a water change when you're tired.
View January 22, 2014 22:37