Replaced Teco chiller temperature probe. (Thermocouple probe white). From Kevin Senkevech.
View September 9, 2020 17:24
So far looks like Mojano eradicating is successful, still need to spot treat some that we’re missed. Ugly green Zoanthids also eradicated.
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Started to eradicate Mojano’s using Sodium Hydroxide on 08/29/20 using a solution of 3:1 on the right side rock structure including part of the rock with green Zoanthids. Continued on 08/31/20 with the middle structure and on 09/01/20 the left side structure using a solution of 8:1 which worked as needed. Spot treated middle structure with same solution. Using the original solution of 3:1 to get rid of the rest of the green Zoanthid colony on the right side. After weakening the solution I spot treated the right side.
Cyano is still pretty thick in places so will treat with Chemiclean next week.
Very happy with the results so far. There are still quite a few Mojano’s that will have to be treated over the course of the next few weeks.
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I decided to raise the temperature in the tank from 79 to 83 degrees to see if it would help getting rid of Cyano.
View June 21, 2020 22:51
Dosed Dr Tim’s refresh May 19, 2020 to get rid of Cyano, 300ml every 48 hours, 3 doses. Waste Away added on 05/26/20 600ml and 05/28/20.
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Tuesday 04/07/20
Started 100 gallon water change at 20 gallons per day. No sign of purple clove polyps.
View April 10, 2020 23:32
Saturday 04/04/20 @ 4:00pm added another dose 3x 225mg packets Fenbendazole as I want to see if a stronger dose has a better effect as well as trying to eradicate Mojano infestation.
View April 4, 2020 23:16
04/03/20 @ 9:00 am dosed main display and sump with 3 x 225mg packets Fenbendazole.
After 24 hours most clove polyps appear to have retracted. No adverse issues found in any of the remaining coral or fish.
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04/02/20 removed all snails and placed them in a separate 10 gallon tank as I am planning on treating main tank with Fenbendazole to eliminate infestation of purple clove polyps.
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Mixed up 100 gallons salt water and added Potassium chloride to boost potassium level. Adding over a 2 week period.

Removed extension pipe into sump for overflow pipe,to reduce back pressure which allows water to flow.

Increase flow from calcium reactor to raise ph.
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