The Neomeris has not given up. I have removed two rocks that were completely covered and placed them in bleach. Will them rinse in RODI water to remove bleach and prepare for the 150 Gal aquarium
View July 12, 2015 20:18
I continue battling the Neomeris infestation. Weekly rock cleaning and aquarium maintenance is being done to ensure we battle the algae.
View June 21, 2015 17:10
I have continued to battle the neomeris infestation. I have replenished the Phosguard, using 125 ml, and PhosBan using 25 g. I also added an additional HOB power filter to assist in removing excess phosphate and suspended matter.

I have also for the third consecutive week scrubbed all rocks completely to remove any growth of neomeris. I hope the AlgaeFix also helps control the algae and reduce the amount of new growth.
View June 14, 2015 21:16
Today I added Azoo Algae Away, which will help absorb phosphate and nitrate. I have also started a chemical approach to eliminating the Neomeris Annulata problems I am having. Will try to raise Mg in 300 ppm in the coming 3 days, and will see its effects on the algae.
View April 19, 2015 16:02
Have changed water and cleaned two rocks of Neomaris Annulata. Have also removed one large rock to give a bit more space in the aquarium for lower placed specimens. I also increased the white lighting intensity by 5%
View March 1, 2015 20:23
Mixed the calcium part of the RHF Two Part mix. Have started dosing at 7 mL per part, and will adjust accordingly as I measure the impact of the dose.
View February 23, 2015 22:06
Have removed a big quantity of dinoflagellates which were taking over. Will continue with manual removal and get cardboard to try complete blackout for three days. Have also cleaned the glasses with vinegar/alcohol mixture, which proved very effective.

5 gal water change performed, and hopefully this will reduce nutrient levels, keeping the dinoflagellates at bay.

I also started preparing the two part dosing, so far the Alkalinity is done and will get containers for the calcium part shortly.
View February 22, 2015 22:31
I added 5 Astraea snails and 4 sand sifting snails Nassarius snails, along with 2 small Emerald Crabs. This will hopefully help with the case of Neomaris Annulata which overtook my aquarium. I also added an open brain coral and some green Actinodiscus mushrooms.

I have also changed the lighting schedule to increase lighting and hopefully get better coloration from the corals.

I have been able to stabilize alkalinity with the removal of the Neomaris Annulata. This will hopefully remain stable, as I'm removing as much Neomaris as possible every week. I have also changed my water change schedule to weekly, as this will also hopefully stabilize water parameters and help control algae buildup.
View February 1, 2015 09:30
I have added in a few Zoas which at the moment have not opened up very well. Will continue to monitor them. Alkalinity is a challenge still, as my levels continue to drop to 2.1 meq/L regardless of the dosing. I have raised the home-made additive quantity to 10 mL per day, hopefully to maintain Alk at 2.8 meq/L.

My sharknose Goby died, but I am unsure of why, since he seemed to be OK. Will monitor the rest of fish to ensure I do not lose any more.
View November 23, 2014 21:38
I made some Alkalinity solution to complement the calcium additive. Recipe as per BRS:
1/2 gal water
1.12 cups soda ash

Will try it tomorrow.
View October 29, 2014 00:29