After noticing that the portions of Super Carnivore I am slicing off for the Firefish don't seem to contain much actual meat I decided to slice off a little more tonight. I thought it was a bit much once it hit the water but the fish ate for a long time and eventually the hermits started coming out to get some.

We need to keep an eye on the nitrate level over the next few days to be sure that I'm not over-feeding.
View July 8, 2014 23:26
Firefish ate well for evening feeding. There was concern that he may have attacked the dead hermit as the back section appeared to be missing. Since the Firefish ate obviously it was either still hungry or I'm just a really bad fish detective.
View July 7, 2014 22:00
Dead hermit found. One of the larger blue-legged hermits was found dead outside of his shell. Part of his back section was missing with soft tissue separating. His shell was not found nearby. Removed the hermit from the tank and run all water tests.
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Firefish ate first meal. Last night we tried feeding it but it did not eat. Tonight we tried again (around 6:15 PM) and the fish ate most of what was offered. Will try again in the morning. The target is 1-2 times/day if they accept the food. If not, probably once/day.
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Just learned that we need to be careful about the firefish jumping out when we have the lid open.

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First fish. Added firefish after acclimating for approx. 45 minutes. Floated the bag and added some aquarium water around every 10 minutes. Used the net to get him into the tank.
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Algae growth on the glass is getting thick. More snails are needed. We are considering more Astreas as they seem to move quicker than the lazy-ass bumblebee snails. The bumblebees are so slow that they would be crawling backwards if they slowed down any more.

Algae growth seems to originate at the bottom of the glass working its' way up.
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Gave hermits a SMALL pinch of food, which is the first they've had since Sunday 6/25. Our nitrates were somewhat elevated. A lot of the problem was due to me not reading the test correctly (which is why I HATE colorimetric testing!!!!). All results prior to 6/29 were inaccurate. After I put the food into the water all of the hermits perked up and began moving around. I'm taking that as an indication that they were hungry.
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With Nitrate rising we decided not to put extra food (flakes) in for the hermit crabs to eat this evening. Nitrate reading taken at around 12:15 AM was lower than yesterday.

Earlier in the afternoon around 6 we observed really cloudy water when we turned on the day light for the first time today. As time went on over the course of 30 minutes or so the cloudiness subsided. We left the light on while we were gone until about 11:30 PM and the water was clear when we got home. All animals seem to be ok (the ones we can find, anyway).
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The other small hermit switched shells at some point. Both small crabs are now wearing white shells.
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