I've been told by my wife that I'm not in the Christmas spirit enough yet (Even though it's only November).

Now then, as I'm sure you all understand a wife is always correct, so this weekend I went and found a small reef safe model of Olaf from the film Frozen. Model purchased and should be with me some time this week, I'm hoping this will be sufficient. We will see.
View November 9, 2015 08:41
Soooo ... I'm off to pick up the new tank today, the next chapter in the life of my Marine Fish is on it's way. I'm hoping to have it set up by the end of next week but need to order a few bit's like some more sand, etc.

Very exited!!!!
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Just started using AL in anger, seems to be very good, I've been after something with a web and app interface for a while.
View November 2, 2015 10:24