Left ATO off yesterday after water change due to the water level in the sump being just high enough to trigger high water alarm. Just checked heard the aquarium pulling air into the return pump, so I turned it back on. I should have turned it back on before going to bed last night. Good news is it just started since we fed the tank a couple of hours ago and there were no issues.
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Turned ATO/alarm back on after getting home yesterday.

Woke up this morning to air bubbles being pushed into the display tank via the return pump. Skimmer kicked into overdrive and pulled too much water out. The ATO was turned off. Maybe a family member turned it off because it was alarming rather than waking me up? The jug the ATO pulls from was nearly empty, I'm guessing the low-water alarm was triggered since the pump wasn't able to fill the sump in the allotted time.

I filled up the ATO reservoir and turned the ATO back on, and it seems to be working.
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Some of last night's seaweed was stuck over the overflow slightly raising the level in the main tank. After removing the seaweed, the ATO maximum alarm started alerting to overflow condition. Shut it off for now, will have to make sure the level is OK and turn it back on when I get home.
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Anemone has been looking like it's going to split soon. The Rolland's Damselfish looks like another fish has been picking at it's tailfin, it's almost gone. Unable to capture it in the net to move it to the refugeum for healing time.
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Added one live rock from Petco
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