Added one Ricordia mushroom from Coral reef on August 2 and then added a pink indo branching hammer and joker hammers on August 8th
View August 11, 2020 00:54
Added two Joe Exotic Mushrooms and one Tonga torch
View August 2, 2020 02:25
Added new LPS and SPS to tank on April 22 one frag from of Creepy crawlers Favities. Also added 1 Alveopora, 2 Leptastrea, 1 Maze coral and 1 Plating Montipora from Reef Geeks of Chicago. Gave my Metallic Goniapora to Eric for his tank. About $150 in coral
View April 26, 2020 03:58
Added seven new mini Zoa colonies including Rose Nebula, WWC Bloodsuckers, Strawberry wine, Armor of God, Vamps in Drag, Purple monsters and Alien Anti-venoms on April 14th costing $130 huge deal!
View April 26, 2020 03:55
Added more coral today, lets call it a going nuts in QT purchase. Added 2 leptostarea, 1 Favities, 1 plating Monti, 1 Alveopora and one Maze coral. Also bought four coral for Eric’s tank. $187.00
View April 23, 2020 06:27
Added tons of coral yesterday... Hammers, Duncans, high end Yumas, SPS, Favias, Acans, krypto Candy Cane, speckled Zoas and Brain Coral. All for $138.00
View November 25, 2019 01:26