added prazipro to main display tank, noticed black ich on tang
View September 2, 2015 13:30
Added powder blue tang to qt as well as a fowleri tang to qt, treated for ich. these are new fish and not from the display tank
View August 26, 2015 14:48
looking to start feeding reef frenzy on a regular basis
View August 26, 2015 14:46
parameters running and testing stable. increased water changes this month due to quarantine tank use. water for QT was taken from display tank.
View August 26, 2015 14:45
Magnesium was a bit low, increased doing amounts and inspected dosing lines.
View August 12, 2015 16:14
Increased intensity of the lights 5% and full light cycle is from 7am - 9:30pm with ramp up and ramp down
View August 12, 2015 12:27
with a water change and new gfo, the phosphate levels are back under control.
View August 11, 2015 13:11
Phosphates are becoming a concern, GFO to be changed and feeding to be reduced. Some browning of SPS evident.
View August 3, 2015 21:15