April 14, 2016 Update - the lights

I finally got around to doing the light experiment I hinted at last year, namely using T5's to supplement the Prime LED light. The light rail was revamped to house the two T5 24" retrofits, reflectors and the Prime in a single unit. I decided on ATI Blue+ and Coral+ for bulbs. For the next little while I plan on running the lights for a couple hours a day to coincide with the peak period of the Prime's scheduling. Eventually they will run for 5 hrs a day in tandem with the prime.

The Prime developed a problem a few weeks ago with the fan and started to go into Thermal Shutdown. But not to worry, I sent AI SUPPORT an email and within an hour they had authorized the Canadian Distributor to replace the light under warranty. Only issue was the Prime's were back ordered for a couple of weeks, otherwise top notch after care from AI as always.
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