Upgraded the standard Red Sea Prism to a Skims. So much quieter!
April 30, 2016 12:55
kermittock ‐ I also put the skims in a new 80 gallon that I'm building I'm very happy with it. I am building my tank according to the bulk reef supply 160 videos. your corals look incredible and your maintenance schedule and additives are right on the button. I have a Red Sea max 120 been running for seven years and it's about time to retire it. I had a real bad algae problem even though my nitrates or below .5 and my phosphates are below one I used a elgae clean up chemical on it and doesed this correct amount for but doesed for a longer period of time. My return pump quit and within six hours the tank crashed lost 90% of my fish and 30% of my corals. I think my oxygen level felt too far with the treatment as well as having no circulation.