Leo's 120g Reef

Volume 120 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 24'' x 25''
Make Planet Aquarium
Model 120G
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Inspiration & Goals

Test of goals:

Right now I'm working 4 issues. goal is to resolve them.

Issue #1 - I was using NO3PO4-X and stripped all nutrients from my system for an extended time period before I realized what was going on.

Issue #2 - I bought all of my HW Reefer Salt from BRS, most of which around the black friday sale. That in itself isn't bad but HW Reefer had a couple bad batches of salt during that time and I was running with 1/2 the Potassium in the tank I should have been. Not sure of the impact but I'm pretty sure it didn't help.

Issue #3 - I am a numbers guy and my light levels make me nervous. Are they too High? Are they too low? Who the F knows.

Issue #4 - Flow. I have 2 WAV pumps that SHOULD be enough but their narrow flow pattern(use to one MP40 that they replaced). Add that to me being a numbers guy and I'm not sure if I have the right flow for what I hav