Here is an update & overview of my current system. I have about 145 gallons total volume between the Display Tank, Refugium, Live Rock Reservoir, Sump and 25 gal Frag/QT tank. On standby are a 32 gallon salt water mixing station, 32 gallon RO/DI reservoir and 20 gallon ATO resevoir where I mix my kalk based topoff water.

A Neptune Apex controls heat, sockets, Auto Top Off, daily Auto Water Change, and Vortech pumps. It also handles monitoring of temp, pH, Salinity and ORP. Dosing is handled by a GHL Stand Alone Doser for Magnesium, Trace Elements and Red Sea NO3:PO4X.

Plans for the immediate future include a DT upgrade to a 150XH (48x24x30) within the next few months. I need to accumulate a little more gear before that happens including a Reef Octopus Diablo 250int Skimmer. I hope to have this complete this fall.

Long term plans are to add a 72x36x30 peninsula display on the main floor, plumbed through the same system in the basement. This one is a few years off as it's part of major renovations we are planning and a wall needs to come down where the tank will go.

April 14, 2013 13:51