Had a couple of days off and cleaned the sump with vinegar, cleaned plumbing, skimmer and all other hardware. Also ordered new filter socks and replaced filters in my RODI-unit. I have been running without GFO the last couple of months since I am trying an algae scrubber instead. Not convinced yet, but I will give it a little bit more before I go back to GFO. I use ROWA, and it´s dirty stuff, I found a lot of residual GFO "dust" in my sump when cleaning. All in all things are looking pretty good considering the minimal attention my tank has been getting the last few months, I have done no water changes so far this year I think, only Balling dosing. Lost my last Parasema (the one who killed off the other three I got) because he managed to jump the tank. Now i only have the three tangs, contemplating a pair of clowns or another tank, but I´m not sure I want to add something since the system is working good.
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Aiming for:

Temperature: 26
Salinity: 1.0255
PH: 8.1
Calcium: 426.97
Alkalinity: 8.39
Magnesium: 1343
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Gone Bare Bottom, got tired of the water not being crystal clean and sand blowing all over the place. I have increased the circulation and plan on getting larger pumps. Also rescaped the tank, took out some rock and made it more open for the flow to get under the rockwork as well.
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Read a good article on activated carbon and decided to start using it permanently. I have had various issues with both algae and water less clear than I am hoping for, mayve this will help. Article here http://joejaworski.wordpress.com/2008/05/09/does-a-reef-tank-need-carbon/

I have also changed my lighting schedule, 4 radions on 100 gallon is pretty overkill I guess. The current schedule is the radiant colors one with a max intensity of 55%. The former program was the max growth and while this gave good coral growth, the algae grew well too. I will give the new lighting schedule a month and revise.
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Cleaned sump today, hoping for less particles in water.
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Changed lighting schedule as my corals have been a bit unhappy. Now running full light for a longer period.
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