Added a red mangrove from the 20 gallon. Will add the other one at a later date.
Ordered a new light fixture! Awaiting arrival :)
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Tank has cycled for one month.
Clean up crew from added.
Approximately 42 dwarf ceriths, 14 nassarius, 17 Florida ceriths, 12 nerites, 10 assorted hermits including one blue leg hermit.
Also added a ball of chaeto and bag of pods.
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40 gallon breeder was previously set up from 2010 until the summer of 2012. Tank was then condensed into a 20 gallon set up due to living situation. Unfortunately, many corals were lost during that time. Two clownfish and a small amount of live rock remain.
Finally in a location with space for the 40 gallon, tank was re-setup. Filled with dry rock and some live rock. Seeded with sand from the 20 gallon. Allowing to cycle.
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